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through adj
1 having finished or arrived at completion; "certain to make history before he's done"; "it's a done deed"; "after the treatment, the patient is through except for follow-up"; "almost through with his studies" [syn: done, through with(p)]
2 of a route or journey etc.; continuing without requiring stops or changes; "a through street"; "a through bus"; "through traffic" [syn: through(a)] adv
1 from one end or side to the other; "jealousy pierced her through"
2 from beginning to end; "read this book through"
3 over the whole distance; "this bus goes through to New York"
4 to completion; "think this through very carefully!"
5 in diameter; "this cylinder measures 15 inches through"
6 throughout the entire extent; "got soaked through in the rain"; "I'm frozen through"; "a letter shot through with the writer's personality"; "knew him through and through"; "boards rotten through and through" [syn: through and through]

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Etymology 1

Metathesis of thurh, thourgh < þurh < West Germanic *thurkh < Proto-Indo-European base *tr- ('through'). Cognate with thorough, German durch, Dutch door, Latin trans, Welsh tra ('through').


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  • a UK /θɹuː/, /Tru:/
  • a US /θɹu/, /Tru/



  1. From one side of an opening to the other.
    I went through the window.
  2. Entering, then later exiting.
    I drove through the town at top speed without looking left or right.
  3. Surrounded by (while moving).
    We slogged through the mud for hours before turning back and giving up.
  4. By means of.
    This team believes in winning through intimidation.
from one side of an opening to the other
  • Finnish: läpi, kautta
  • French: par
  • German: durch
  • Hungarian: át, keresztül
  • Japanese: : ...を通って (をとおって, ...o tōtte), ...を通り抜けて (をとおりぬけて, ...o tōrinukete)
  • Norwegian: gjennom
  • Polish: przez
  • Portuguese: pelo, pela
  • Romanian: prin
  • Russian: через, сквозь
  • Spanish: a través de
  • Swedish: genom
entering, then later exiting
  • Finnish: läpi, kautta
  • German: durch
  • Hungarian: át, keresztül, végig
  • Japanese: : ...を通り抜けて (をとおりぬけて, ...o tōrinukete)
  • Portuguese: através de, pelo, pela
  • Romanian: prin
  • Russian: через, сквозь
  • Spanish: a través de
  • Swedish: genom
surrounded by (while moving)
  • Finnish: läpi, kautta
  • French: dans
  • German: durch
  • Hungarian: át, keresztül
  • Japanese: : ...を通って (をとおって, ...o tōtte), ...の中を (をとおりぬけて, ...o tōrinukete)
  • Portuguese: através de, por entre
  • Russian: через, сквозь, по
  • Swedish: genom
by means of
  • Finnish: läpi, kautta
  • German: durch
  • Ido: tra, per
  • Japanese: : ...を通して (をとおして, ...o tōshite), ...から (...kara)
  • Norwegian: ved at, gjennom at
  • Portuguese: por
  • Romanian: prin
  • Russian: при помощи, из-за, благодаря
  • Swedish: genom
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Etymology 2



  • /θrʌf/


  1. A large slab of stone laid on a tomb.

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

SOL, all bets off, all off, all over, all through, all up, around, at about, at an end, because of, breadthwise, broad side foremost, broadside, broadways, broadwise, by, by dint of, by means of, by use of, by virtue of, by way of, canceled, cleaned up, complete, completed, completely, concluded, dead, decided, defunct, deleted, depthwise, done, done for, done with, down, due to, durante, during, ended, entirely, expunged, extinct, fini, finished, finished up, fully, hereby, herewith, in all respects, in virtue of, including, inclusive of, into, kaput, on, on account of, over, owing to, passing by, passing through, past, pending, per, perfected, perfective, round, round about, set at rest, settled, shot, sideways, sidewise, straight, straightforward, terminated, thanks to, thereby, therewith, thoroughly, through and through, through with, throughout, to, totally, uninterrupted, upon, utterly, via, washed up, whereby, wherewith, wherewithal, wholly, widthways, widthwise, wiped out, with, wound up, wrapped up, zapped
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